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Hi! I'm Heidi, nice to meet you!

I'm a career nerd. I love analysing what makes people successful, what makes people happy at work and how our careers change over time.



I've been hiring, helping and coaching job seekers for well over a decade across various industries in Finland and in Germany. 

I'm essentially what you would call "a generalist" or "a multipassionate": I have 10+ years of experience working in different People roles and in addition I've been digging into Marketing, Growth, Content, UX research and Operations topics during the recent years. 

I can talk for days about best practises in Talent Acquisition and how People function is the essential driver for Growth, especially in tech start-ups. I believe strongly in the power of open, inclusive and data-informed company culture that enables people to take responsibility and work together toward shared goals. Feedback and psychological safety are the keys to team success!

I have two Master's degrees, I post regularly on Linkedin and my goal in life is to eventually accept that I don't have enough time to read all the books I want. My core values are learning, curiosity, clarity and kindness.


My personal vision is pretty wild: 

i want to help 1000 people to get a good job.

Formal Education & Degrees

Master of Social Sciences 2013 

University of Tampere, Finland

(Communication, Journalism, Media Studies)  

Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration 2011

University of Turku, Finland

(Marketing, Leadership, Accounting, Business Law)

Graduate Studies in Adult Learning and Development 2011

University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Certifications & Qualifications

ICF approved Certificate in Career Coaching 2022

Introduction to Digital Facilitation 2022

Foundations of User Experience Design 2022

People Role Highlights

People Operations Partner - Lateral 2020-2022

Staffing Specialist - BCGDV 2019

Workforce Manager - GetYourGuide 2019

Senior Workforce Manager - Delivery Hero 2017-2018

HR Business Partner - IKEA Tampere 2016-2017


i post about career development topics on linkedin

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