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Online Coaching in English or Finnish

How I Can Help You

recruitment coaching



Practical CV, LinkedIn and interview preparation support to kick off your job search.

149 € / 60 min

You can flexibly book one session or we can tailor a package for you.

free avgs
career coaching


If you're registered as a job seeker in Germany, you have a chance to get free AVGS coaching funded by the German government.

We will work together 4-8 weeks depending on your AVGS voucher details. 

Feel free to contact me for more info on how to apply for the AVGS voucher!



My mission is to help people get good jobs. 

We should connect if 

          you want to find your first job in the Berlin tech space

          you want to explore new career paths or grow in your current role

          you have been unemployed 6+ months and want to get back on track

          you need help with your CV, LinkedIn or interview preparation

I've been positively obsessed with coaching, career development, and organizational change for well over a decade. I have broad working experience in the HR field and for the last 5 years, I've specialized in start-ups. Read more about my qualifications and experience (and find out why I get so excited about fixing people's resumes).


Photo credit: Jacob Schickler


hr specialist

Heidi is a realistic and experienced career coach and has talent's best interests at heart. I figured out the career path for myself, leveled up my skill set in an area of business that I did not have a degree in, was supported during ups and downs, and landed a wonderful job opportunity because of her coaching!

Tech sales specialist

I have been struggling for years to find a job. I was quite down. Heidi helped me to restore my confidence. Step by step, she helps me in identifying my target, my strengths, and my story. She is so caring. I feel that she can see through what is going on in my head and always offer what I need at that moment.

logistics specialist

I was about to give up my job search and I had no confidence left.  I found a job advertisement for my dream job, and I asked Heidi to help. She has been with me from the beginning (writing the best cover letter, CV, and interview until my confirmation) to the present. Whenever I needed any suggestions, she was always there, and her suggestions were magical. She is very motivating and boosts my confidence every time I talk to her. I do not have enough words to express my gratitude towards her.

about you

Intro call booking

I would love to understand better your current situation - you can get in contact with me via filling this short form.

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